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    Used Amusement Park Equipment: Buy It and They Will Come!
    Not only are you able to purchase Used Amusement Park Equipment but, you are also able to trade yours in exchange for something else.

    1. Trailers
    2. Ticket Booths
    3. Generators
    4. Boom Trucks
    5. Display and Retail Equipment
    6. Brokers

    Although used amusement park equipment encompasses such things as trailers, ticket booths, generators and boom trucks, amusement display and retail equipment also falls in this category, and which are necessary in running a "carnie" or amusement park.

    Not only are you able to purchase used amusement park equipment but, you are also able to trade yours in exchange for something else. Brokers are also available to assist you in locating not only used amusement park equipment that is for sale but, also, in helping you find a buyer for any used equipment you wish to sell or trade.


    The use of trailers in an amusement park is multiple. Not only are they employed to transport equipment from one site to another but, also may be used in the preparation of food of all sorts. Depending on the product sold, food trailers may serve anything from lemonade to sandwiches to all sorts of fried foods and more complex dishes.

    Obviously, pricing for used trailers will vary according to the size and age of the equipment. Also, if the trailer has been refurbished recently, the price will increase. Other factors which affect the price of food trailers are size of cooking and refrigerating equipment, and the age of such.

    Ticket Booths

    Ticket Booths come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Naturally, the larger ones will be more costly. In this particular case, the number of paying stalls will also affect the price of this particular piece of used amusement center equipment.


    Used generators are normally come with or without a trailer which, obviously, will affect the pricing. Also, the amount of kilowatts it puts out and whether the engine has been rebuilt and when will also affect the price of this used amusement equipment.

    Boom Trucks

    Boom trucks, in amusement parks, are used to reach very high places for activities such as repairing something, reaching, untangling and hoisting and carrying very heavy loads. The pricing of this used amusement park equipment depends on a variety of factors. Firstly, the truck - year, model, make and engine capacity all affect the price. For the boom, some have telescoping ability; if it has a special function such as articulating and possessing live lines and the capabilities of how many tons it is capable of swinging, hoisting and booming - all of these factors will influence the price of this piece of machinery.

    Display and Retail Equipment

    This type of used amusement center equipment is used when selling dry goods such as t-shirts, jewelry, candles, shelving units, and display cases for already pre-cooked foodstuffs such as pastries. This particular piece of retail equipment may come with or without refrigeration. They may also come with fancy light displays, which will increase the price. Size and complexity of use are, once again, the major determining factors with regard to pricing. Another very popular retail piece of used amusement park equipment is the ole trusty soda machines. The pricing on these depends on the number of soda "heads" it comes with as well as the age of the machinery.


    Brokers, normally, individuals who will help you buy or sell something - whether it be a trailer to stocks. They do this, of course, for a reasonable fee. Others may charge a percentage of the sales price. One benefit of using a broker when dealing with used amusement park equipment is that they will also assist you in finding someone who will trade with you. Once again, they will charge you a fee for the service provided. The advantage of using a broker is for they have hundreds of contacts, to include outside the country. Whether you want to sell, buy or simply trade, the right broker will find what you are looking for. Also, having been in the business for awhile, they know the sellers and buyers better than you do and should steer you away from disreputable individuals.

    Used amusement park equipment is available in all 50 states and is reasonably priced, according to what you are looking for. It certainly beats having to pay full price! If you can not find it on the internet, check with a broker to see if in their numerous contacts someone can help you locate what you are looking for. After all, these are hard times and we must all keep our expenses down.


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